6 Comments on "OMG he’s naked: Diego Luna and Gabriel Gonzalez"

  1. Woah! I love me some Diego Luna and his un-cut dick! that other guy has a nice little peen aswell!

  2. I find myself amazed at just how much actors will do, especially the Diego scenes. He’s nice to look at, but it shocks me just how much he shows in those various scenes.

  3. Why is it when they get naked, they are always either sad, mad or crazy? Downer is not sexy, no matter how cute they are. If that is their justification for nudity, then don’t bother — keep the clothes on and I’ll go look at naked guys in porn instead — at least they smile once in a great while.

  4. Sorry bout the missing link to your forum! Should be fixed now!

  5. A Link to my forum , it will be fine , dont u think??

  6. Mm yum, that was hot.

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