!! OMG, how unfortunate: Vagina dentata movie !!

Following my post of the TALKING VAGINA COMMERCIAL Kevin R. reminded me of the movie TEETH.
I saw the trailer a while ago and was shocked, which doesn’t happen to me very often. It looks so terribly sexist and I almost didn’t post this cause I’m so over the “I’m gay so I’m afraid of vaginas” thing, but whatever, I’ll go see it if someone buys me a ticket. Yeah I’m a hypocrite. Apparently it won “Special Dramatic Jury Prize for Acting” at Sundance, whatever the hell that means. They give out prizes like I give out handjobs in the park.
It opens Friday in LA and NYC. Let me know how it is if any of you see it!!!
Check out the trailer HERE

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11 Comments on "OMG, how unfortunate: Vagina dentata movie"

  1. I’ve never got the ‘gay guys must be afraid of vaginas’ concept. Knew a gal that was convinced that’s why guys are gay. Finding something else far more interesting is not the same as being afraid of it. Finding something unappealing isn’t the same as fearing it.
    Learning that vagina dentitis is a real fear, and the above view shared by some women, is making me think some straight people are a lot more afraid of vaginas than gay men. If true I guess it shouldn’t be suprising, I don’t have and will never touch a vagina, so what do I care, but straight men and women interact with them all the time. Also maybe no coincidence that the face-sucker creature from Alien has a ‘mouth’ that looks like one.

  2. I’ve seen the film and it was very funny. There’s something about a tiny girl getting the best of a violent, piggish man that really gets me off.

  3. This was filmed in my hometown of Austin . . . I was actually working for a talent agent when they were holding auditions in town . . . seriously the biggest piece of shit to make the page, fortunately none of our clients made it to the audition.
    In other news, we went to Sadie Lou together. I found your blog thru Mayumi’s blog who found my blog thru LVH’s blog. It’s a bloggy kind of world.

  4. In seven posts I thought for sure someone would have already mentioned that Teeth was directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein, who played Winston Chao’s live-in boyfriend in Ang Lee’s “The Wedding Banquet”. I believe he’s openly gay, so I doubt if it’s sexist (not that a gay director would be a guarantee).

  5. Apparently, the movie is actually a dark comedy, which is not at all apparent from the trailer. Is that true? The trailer makes it seem completely serious, and if it does take itself seriously, it would be awful!

  6. I have no idea how good the movie actually is, but I wouldn’t be so quick to call it sexist – it’s directed by *gasp* a woman!

  7. This sounds like a take-off on a book by the same name. The book was actually pretty good. “Teeth” by Edo Von Belkom

  8. Hell with the movie… where’s that park that Graydon hangs out at? ūüôā
    Nothing like a good hand job by a hot guy!

  9. i saw a screening of this movie last night and it was freakin hysterical!

  10. “Every rose has its thorns”? ahahaha! That’s the worst tagline ever.
    So this is a story about some bitch’s cooch biting off dick? I bet we’ll be hearing a lot of cheesy lame Paris Hilton jokes from Jay Leno and co.

  11. omg…i saw it on yahoo movies…it sounds SO dumb…so dumb that in fact, i can’t believe someone would seriously have a movie about it…lol. silly people…and their fear-o-vaginas. i totally take the talking vaginas commercial over this movie…at least the commercial was funny.

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