!! OMG, presenting Cuba’s newest jailhouse bottom b*tch: Russian Gay-Basher Arrested in Cuba !!

You may have heard of Maxim “The Cleaver” Martsinkevich, a Russian fascist who filmed himself torturing gays on webcam (including this former Ukrainian X-factor contestant), then uploaded the videos to the internet. Well, dude fled to Cuba and it looks like they’re not taking any of his shit, because according to The Bilerico Project:

Russia was informed by Cuban police of the arrest of Maxim Martsinkevich through Interpol, the Russian Interior Ministry said in a statement.
More widely known under his nickname of Tesak, or machete, Martsinkevich was arrested in absentia by a Russian court last month on extremism charges. Martsinkevich said during a January 8 interview that the criminal charges against him were orchestrated by Russia’s “pedo-lobby,” and that he did not intend to return to Russia, according to Russian tabloid Life News that has close links to the security services.
The details of Martsinkevich’s extradition were currently being finalized, Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement Saturday.
In a January 9 post on his website, Martsinkevich wrote that he had flown to Cuba from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, via the German city of Frankfurt. In 2011, Martsinkevich founded the Occupy Pedophile vigilante group, which lured men to abusive meetings with false promises of sex with minors. The encounters were recorded and then posted online.
The group was also reported to target gay men, who were subjected to similar abusive treatment.

Quick tip: If you flee somewhere — don’t do a video post about the whereabouts of where you’re headed! I know, I KNOW! — it seems like an obvious thing to avoid — but you’d be surprised how stupid some people are! Also, it looks as if Russia has charged Maxim for his neo-Nazi/skinhead extremism, but not for his documented acts of violence against LGBT people, so…

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