!! OMG prison love !!

British documentarian LOUIS THEROUX has recently released his documentary called “Behind Bars”. In this one hour film, Louis documents the two weeks he spent with full access to San Quentin prison, just outside of San Francisco.
In one of the most notoriously dangerous prisons in the United States, Louis interviews inmates in the yard, eats with white supremecist gang members, and uncovers the intricacies of prison culture.
The most amazing parts of the documentary are when Louis interviews a transgendered inmate and her cellmate/boyfriend, and a former Nazi gang-member with a wife and children who has fallen in love with a Jewish gay inmate.
CLICK HERE to watch the entire film online for free, and be sure to visit LOUIS’S WEBSITE to watch some of his other work, including documentaries about the Phelps family (of the aforementioned WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH, the life of a male porn star, and the inside world of swingers.

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  1. That looks like the same prison that Steven Klein did his underwear shoot in.

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