!! OMG, protect your eyes and ears: Matt Zarley’s ‘WTF’ !!

Matt Zarley (no, I didn’t know who he was either) sings a song called “WTF” without even the slightest hint of irony. It’s like all of the worst things about West Hollywood puked into one music video. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the lyrics. “Literally blew my mind” — really? That, at least, is an actual wtf moment.

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13 Comments on "OMG, protect your eyes and ears: Matt Zarley’s ‘WTF’"

  1. Actually I kind of like it, it’s up beat and fun and has a hopeful and happy ending. I could dance to this. 🙂

  2. OK, this guy can actually sing, it’s a fun, campy video, why are we all so bitter? Aren’t we supposed to help? We’re not quite there yet…in case anyone is wondering. If Lady gaga was singing this, the biggest hit ever, right?

  3. i like it.. well done to matt for actually getting something done.. rather than sitting back and just bitching at other people online.

  4. This may be parody, but after looking at this dudes other videos on youtube it is evident he’s serious about his “music”. This guy just sucks.

  5. OK. Maybe it’s me… but I actually LIKED the song and video.
    I just wondered when Mike Ruiz got into music, but other than that, I enjoyed it!!

  6. SRSLY kids? Clearly this is PARODY. I think it’s funny. And the song is fun. Not cancer research – fun. Matt clearly isn’t taking this seriously…
    It’s intentionally stereotypical and ridiculous. The fact that the lead guy has a younger bf who’s cheating w/ every gay fantasy stereotype is clearly on purpose. I think some people have watched way too much reality TV where they believe it’s all real.
    Do people not understand parody and camp anymore??? Wow.

  7. WTF is right. So much for the “gay guys are so creative” stereotype. Although he has managed to incorporate every other stereotype in this video. And what’s up with the old dudes in day-glo panties, ouch.

  8. Wow. It’s Rebecca Black’s gay uncle!

  9. You would think if you’re gonna take the time to trash my video, at least you’d spell my name correctly.

  10. The music and video are so NOT age appropriate for him. By the time I turned 40 I knew my place. Old queens who can’t accept their maturity are really pathetic!

  11. Oh….God…I’m hemorrhaging…

  12. I literally thought this was a Funnyordie.com video. LITERALLY.

  13. MAKE IT STOP!!!

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