!! OMG, Put The Needle On It: Or Don’t !!

Following hot on the heels of the BEYONCE SINGLE GAY and the BRITNEY CIRCUS FREAK comes BoyFunBKK, gyrating to no particular routine in a very revealing and inventive getup to Dannii Minogue’s “Put The Needle On It”. He claims he’s “back, bitches, so get over it.” He’s obviously not back from dance class.
Watch the NSFW non-talent after the jump. Thanks to Steeeeeeeves for the tippy.

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5 Comments on "OMG, Put The Needle On It: Or Don’t"

  1. The song is 6 years old – you’d think he’d be able to dance to it by now!

  2. Thanks, but no thanks. If I wanted hips like that, I’d pick up a chick.

  3. UGH…..I think that just might be frightening enough to turn me straight!

  4. When that Mercado gay did Beyonce it was funny, yet amazing. All these other knock-offs are horrible pleas for attention.

  5. you know… some men like their men like that but me however cant even stand watching him squirm around the camera trying to be sexy. i want to see a nice healthy guy maybe with a little belly dance to one of the diva’s songs.

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