!! OMG, reconsider the space: ‘i saw the sign’ !!

Dance artists Brendan Jensen and Stephen Thompson have created a video dance piece in collaboration with videographer Duncan Alexander Forbes called “i saw the sign” that will premiere at the 2012 containR Project in Calgary next month.
They’re seeking funding to help defray travel costs and other expenses and we would encourage you to consider supporting the project. A bit more about the piece:

‘i saw the sign’ is a playful event co-authored by Brendan Jensen and Stephen Thompson. This work permits the audience to discover the seen and unseen boundaries of unfolding invitation to be present in a given space. Through a series of happenings, written and accidental, both participant and performer challenge the act of performance with the use of transformations and shifts in perception. Form, detail and the unknown contribute to defining each moment. Are you the ghost in the space that is felt but not seen, or are you the main attraction? The door is open.

You can view details about the artists and donate at Indiegogo here.

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