!! OMG, REFABILITATION: Selfridges offers Barbie some things to wear !!

Ever since Barbie started sleeping in that pink’n’purple pastel dream dumpster she has let – hair – self – go ! She’s all disorientated, her weave is crimped and not because she crimped it [because actually lying in fish-heads does that to polyester wig-hair] and quite frankly she ain’t got no-thing to even wear right now since her cardboard dumpster diving scuba gear disintegrated in the rain fall.
Well her new home isn’t called Dream Dumpster for nothing, dreams really do come true, and as Britney will testify you can go from balding rock-bottom to fashion-forward plastic fantastic as Selfridges London [taking pity on the poor dear] has commissioned three European designers to come up with some new threads for her to wear, on the condition that she get herself into the the REFABILITATION CLINIC, where they re-fabricate Barbie doll weaves, and legs and arms and torso and heads [otherwise known as a replacement dolly].
The Barbie Doll looks presented as part of Selfridges London’s toy shop opening can be seen after the jump.
Fred Butler went for;
concertina ballerina
lampshade hat [amber&shocking pink version]
pointy bangs and
wrapping paper-doll origarbie
Nasir Mazhar opted for;
neon green shag-rug boob-tube
flourescent-camo turtle-neck croptop and
bucket-head tracksuited ken-doll
…and finally Sister by Sibling went for full-on Clueless knit collection featuring;
Dionne knitted beret bobblehat
Cher matching high waisted pencil skirt-suit and
Tai [Brittany Murphy] Frasier post-makover long-sleeve knitted cardigans
…I can so see Cher Horowitz extending her phone aerial and cell-phoning Barbie in her Dream Dumpster “Erm, Barbie; do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?”

Fred Butler
Nasir Mazhar
Sister by Sibling
[via wonderland]

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