!! OMG, Renaissance Nuisance: Róisín Murphy’s ‘Simulation’ !!

OK, here’s what I’m getting:
Forest dwelling ballet bird with briefcase.
Child in suitcase [not a bad idea, checking a bag is cheaper than seating a child].
BMX’ing at the stately renaissance gardens.
Sunroof pyromaniac with large pheasant torso tattoo .
Dancing fish-on-a-plate, and TWO FRONT-PONY-TAILS…
…I get this last one, I used to have a front-pony-tail when I was like 7 years old. I stole all of my sisters’ neon scrunchies and would fashion a front-tail all the time. The other kids and my family thought it was weird, I really couldn’t understand why.
I honestly thought it was fierce and fashion forward as I’d never seen it before. Maybe it’s worth trying again 20 years later; see if the world is ready for that ‘LE CHEVAL AU FRONT’ fierceness yet?!
[via wearepopslags]

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