!! OMG, rewatch 2009’s ‘The War Boys’ !!

2009 called. It wanted to be sure you remembered its movie The War Boys, with its tender, insanely hot gay love scenes. It also wanted you to take particular note of Brain J. Smith, the yummy-all-over actor of SGU Stargate Universe and 2005’s Hate Crime fame.
But then 2009 had to go…to deal with that balloon boy hoax.

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2 Comments on "OMG, rewatch 2009’s ‘The War Boys’"

  1. Wow I never new that hot guy from SGU had a gay love scene in a movie. Makes me likie even more. Plus too bad SGU got cancelled.

  2. As much as I agree with Dave, in suing her because it is an obvious rip. I mean why not just hire him to do it in the first place, but back to the point. As his case would make sense and I agree it’s just not gonna go through cause you know they are going to look at the minor differences and says not a copy it’s just similar. It’s just like when Vanilla Ice said he didn’t steal “Under Pressure” cause 1 note was different.

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