!! OMG, Sasha Awa: ‘Sasha Cohen: Rite Of Spring’ by Jake Sumner !!

Beautifully shot by Sting’s super cute model-turned-directorial son Jake Sumner, three-time world championship medalist Sasha Cohen invites us onto the ice [please don’t we’ll slip and fall] to experience the transformative nature of dancing with knives on the bottom of your shoes, and becoming “part of something else, something bigger”.

“no matter how many people are part of your team, when you go out on the ice you are alone”

Sasha and I have very little in common, I can’t skate very well, I can’t afford to wear flesh-toned Nina Ricci [although would appreciate this to be the skating competition norm] and the only medal I ever won was for ‘best improved’…which basically means ‘shitest, but you got a little less shit after a long long time!’
We do, however share one thing in common, “If [Cohen] were a natural phenomenon, [she’d] be a rainbow”…me too girl…SAME!
[via nowness]

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