!! OMG, schooled: On using the R-word !!

I’ll admit it, I’ve joking used “retarded” to mean “stupid” when teasing people. And I’m one of those gays that takes offense when “gay” is used in the same context, sooooo I should probably stop dropping the R-word. Thank you to Glee‘s Lauren Potter and Jane Lynch for pointing this issue out. Now I can’t wait to get home to my DVR and watch last night’s episode! (via Queerty)

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14 Comments on "OMG, schooled: On using the R-word"

  1. Absolutely agree that it’s inappropriate.
    Those of you who think this is “too PC” – you’re in the same camp as the conservatives who accuse gays of “whining” when we take issue with being put down.
    And for those arguing for “freedom of speech” – nobody is taking away your freedom of speech! It’s not like people are suggesting that the word become illegal. They’re just asking you to think about what it means to throw it around casually as an insult.
    Wow – take a minute to care about someone other than yourself.

  2. WOW. Pinning this on Glee or claiming it infringes upon your right to freedom of speech is flat-out missing the point completely. These people are compassionate to people who are negatively impacted by how so many of us casually use this word, and they are taking a stand, saying it isn’t fair for the word to be used so flippantly in a way that hurts others so deeply.
    They’re basically just saying that it is time to find a different word. They’re demanding the respect and compassion they deserve.
    Some people need to learn to LISTEN with open hearts and minds and not get angry just because it’s their de facto way of dealing with something that requires lengthier thought.

  3. People are over sensitive and this blogger is a hypocrite if he gets offended and uses other words for other people with issues.
    Glee lost me for good when they made Santana a lesbian. Kurt is bad enough as a stereotypical gay and now wasting the character Santana to just to sell out because being gay is in was enough for me to turn the TV off.
    I don’t care if your gay but don’t do it just for ratings.

  4. While you may choose to use any word you want, you are judged by that choice. A person using the word “gay” or “retard”, just has to realize that they may be thought of as ignorant. That’s certainly how people who use the “N” word are perceived. These words carry the same amount of hurt- and ignorance.

  5. I agree wholehardedly with not using the word retard. If you have ever cared about a mentally challenged person, then you understand that is hurtful. After all those people did not CHOOSE to be handicapped. I will not, however, apologize for the term “gay”. I am just not that PC i guess.

  6. It’s called freedom of speech. If you feel offended by a word someone uses, there’s nothing wrong with that. But to tell what a person should say and shouldn’t say is crossing the line. I am offended by a lot of what others say to me, but at the same time I understand that words are words. They don’t make me any less of who I am, and frankly, it shouldn’t really bother me that much. People either need to realize that or plug their ears whether they’re around someon obnoxious.

  7. I have no gripe with people using the word. But atleast use it the way it was intended. It was never meant to insult, belittle,make fun of,incite,or express ones inaptitude The people that use it that way are true retards!

  8. My biggest argument that being gay is an innate, unchangeable trait is that I would not want to be in league with malicious jerks like the ones in this comment section. If you get your panties in a twist over people making derogatory remarks about gays, then you should feel the same when people do it to other marginal groups. Try working on your capacity for compassion. Mean-spiritedness is not a good color on any of you.

  9. There is nothing wrong with the word retarted. The word retard is French for late. It was a word used to say that a child was a late bloomer, slow starter, etc. It’s the way people use it that makes it an ugly word. When a doctor used it to explain to a parent that something was wrong with their child’s phycial or emotional growth, there was nothing wrong with it. To call another kid a “retard” on the playground is just mean. My students were reading Beezus and Ramona and couldn’t get past the part where it says her Aunt Bea was carefree and gay. ( It meant happy, not a lesbian.) The N word was a Southern/African slurring of the word Negro, which is spanish for black. I think we all get overly sensitive if we let words upset us. Words we use today will be offensive to someone in the future. I was telling a WWII story about my mom and used her words, ” We were afraid of the Japs and would have drills in school where we’d have to go into the basement in case they attacked.” A Jewish friend got miffed at the word Jap ( Jewish American Princess.) You can’t win.

  10. Really. More of the sissy-fication of America. Kids T-ball games should all end in a tie, so no one has lose or they’d be damaged. What ever happened to “sticks and stones…”? Now, you’re SUPPOSED to be offended – and sue the offender!

  11. @sumotherguy
    It’s called having respect, perhaps you should research the word.

  12. to these two other yokels: you have the right to say what you want, just as other have the right to feel the way they want. who are you to say how they should feel? get over yourselves.

  13. sumotherguy | May 25, 2011 at 3:47 pm | Reply

    OH MY GOD!!! Get over it!! Stop trying to make us all a bunch of hippies!! I have the right to say what ever I want and if it offends anyone WHO CARES!! Not my problem, grow a thicker skin, or don’t ever leave your house!! What’s next we cant say douche bags because it’s mean to the actual bags meant for douching?? Pansy ass babies…. or is that too offensive to Pansies and asses and babies?

  14. Lubin Odana | May 25, 2011 at 1:38 pm | Reply

    It’s easily done. I’ve unthinkingly used “that’s so lame” before, but then realised that it’s insulting towards people who have problems walking. Similarly, “that’s so old” which is used to refer to something as boring, also has more than a whiff of ageism.
    Why do so many of our put-downs end up picking on an already stigmatised group who are an easy target. I propose “that’s so Ayn Rand” as a catch-all. She’s dead, so she won’t mind. And she had an unpleasant ideology based on being selfish, so let’s stigmatise that.

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