!! OMG, seriously: F**k My Life !!

If you know me in real life you know I’m an even more pathetic sad-sack than I am in my online persona, so you might not be surprised if you find me commiserating with the people on FML – F*CK MY LIFE. FML is a collection of the shitty little stories that everyone has happen in their day-to-day lives. It’s great when you want to feel a bit better about yourself – consider these gems:

Today, my husband called me “my little zebra”. I gave birth a month ago, and I’ve kept a few stretch marks. FML

Today, I got together with a small gathering of friends in a bar. I go up to the bar to order something, but with all the music and noise, the barman can’t hear what I’m trying to say, so he leans forward, cocking his ear towards me. For some reason, I thought he was being friendly so I kissed him as if we were saying hello to each other. FML

Today, on her Facebook profile, my ex erased all the pictures where we were together, add her new boyfriend to her friends and changed her status to “I’m so happy”. FML

Scooped from Justin.

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5 Comments on "OMG, seriously: F**k My Life"

  1. have been talking to this cute customer at work and decided it was time to give him my digits… had to do it in a rush.. anways ended up just writing a note that said “coffee guy, add me on fb….”

  2. made a quick trip to the city. Walking through the shops a man called out to me,’Hey, are they your underpants? Must have left them in the leg of jeans. Gawd.

  3. I know someone who would really love that blog…

  4. Welcome to Stillepost three weeks ago.

  5. AHAHAHAHA… fuck you life indeed! Those are hilar, thanks Graydon.

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