!! OMG, she did it: Kimberly Stewart !!

I think this is the official sign that the apocalypse is coming: Kimberly Stewart wearing a thong in FHM magazine. See the truly horrifying photos after the jump [borderline NSFW].
I think I prefer her out-of-shape brother Sean running naked on the beach, for at least he’s not murdering the camera with slutty come-hither stares.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about this next one:
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6 Comments on "OMG, she did it: Kimberly Stewart"

  1. I don’t even know why this girl is newsworthy. Paris Hilton is famous for being famous, but Kimberly is not even that.
    That body is so touched up with the magic of photo shop. It’s so obvious because you can’t even see the sex and drug marks on her inner thighs.

  2. Okay, these photos are obviously airbrushed, but even in regular real-life photos she doesn’t look that bad. She just has a horrible sense of style and doesn’t know how to dress herself flatteringly.

  3. Cutting the line before the heel ends was a mistake…
    Takes away from the composition…
    Also the air-brushed “top of legs”…
    But she got HOT LEGS !

  4. Doesn’t this Kimberly kind of remind you of the girl from Diff’rent Strokes? The one who robed a laundromat and somehow came to a tragic end?

  5. I would’nt call him out of shape?


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