!! OMG, She Gets Ready: Courtney Love !!

Courtney Love can always be counted on for an entertaining ramble! Here she talks about her makeup, her “sick” vintage dealer, making ruffles out of Kurt’s old shirts, and offers her help to Ke$ha.
Of course, the most interesting part of the whole thing is the fact that the folks at Nylon TV have chosen to use the song Baseball Bat in the background. Students of 90’s indie/ladymusic effluvia will instantly recognize Baseball Bat as the work of Courtney Love the band— a band that Courtney Love the person (real name: Courtney Michelle Harrison) was never in. Did Nylon just get confused or are they purposely trying to piss Courtney off? If it’s the latter, they’re some brave f*ckers over there. Considering the fact that she’s scarier than Charles Manson and has more black magic at her command than Stevie Nicks, I personally would try to stay on her good side.
[Via Jezebel]

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  1. Comment on what? Did not play.Maybe that is the reason for no comments until now?

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