!! OMG, she keeps dancing on her own: Michael Langan’s ‘Choros’ !!

Scored by Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians, Michael Langan’s ‘Choros’ traces the female dancer’s movements 32 times over…or she has 31 sisters who are all part of her horribly precise line-dancing troop.
If you enjoy this you should definitely watch 1982’s Fase by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, which was also set to Steve Reich’s music [Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich] and is mind-blowingly intricate and complicated as the dancers ‘share a shadow’ on stage.
I did a miniature version of this in my living room, using two anthropomorphised bottle openers and a flashlight [scored by Bewitched’ ‘C’est La Vie’]…there was an encore featuring an electric wall-mounted tin-opener to rapturous applause!
[via ignant]

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