!! OMG, she knocked that li’l bitch down !!

Oh this is like a handful of Skittles – a colourful piece of sweetness you can pop over and over again. Girl dun lost her weave and she’s just fine with it!
Thanks to Kris for the tip – and if any of you happen to know the name of the track that’s playing please leave it in the comments!

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4 Comments on "OMG, she knocked that li’l bitch down"

  1. First, it’s a dude… in case you didn’t notice.
    Second, bitch can move.

  2. She kept her compsure when the weave came off, because she is Wonder Woman.
    That one made me smile.


  4. Its Baltimore house music… the lyrics are actually a quote from one of Adele Givens (Queens of Comedy) performances. Good luck swiping the song though – unless of course you are friends with the dj 😉

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