!! OMG, she speaks: The woman Ryan Gosling saved from dying !!

The woman Ryan Gosling saved from stepping into oncoming traffic in New York City — British journalist Laurie Penny — has responded to the lightening-fast meme that broke out after the actor’s heroic gesture… and she’s not so keen on Gosling playing the hero:

I really do object to being framed as the ditzy damsel in distress in this story. I do not mean any disrespect to Ryan Gosling, who is an excellent actor and, by all accounts, a personable and decent chap. I thought he was marvelous in The Ides of March, and will feel weird about objectifying him in future now that I have encountered him briefly as an actual human. But as a feminist, a writer, and a gentlewoman of fortune, I refuse to be cast in any sort of boring supporting female role, even though I have occasional trouble crossing the road, and even though I did swoon the teeniest tiniest bit when I realized it was him. I think that’s lazy storytelling, and I’m sure Ryan Gosling would agree with me.

(via Gawker)

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5 Comments on "OMG, she speaks: The woman Ryan Gosling saved from dying"

  1. E gads. Sounds like he should have let her be on her own… and I say that as a feminist.

  2. where’s the meme?

  3. She didn’t say she wasn’t grateful, she’s talking about how the press is making her out to be a poor damsel in distress that needed a man to save her. There’s a big difference.

  4. I think out of context everything sounds more extreme than it is. Ryan Gosling probably just clued her in to an oncoming car, she jokingly tweeted that Gosling saved her from imminent demise, and the internet (which sensationalizes everything and worships Ryan Gosling) tried to turn him into some kind of superhero. If there’s one of us who haven’t almost injured ourselves, please come forward. For the rest of us, I’m not sure I’d want to be portrayed as some bimbo either. To zone out is only human.

  5. what? is she crazy?
    reminds me of when i held a door open for a woman in beverly hills and she all but slapped me.
    i was thinking, “look b, it was a random act of kindness and i promise you i will never hold a door open for you again.”

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