!! OMG, She Tells It: Lady Gaga !!

Hey, you can feel free to either love or hate Lady Gaga. It’s your opinion. A quick perusal through the comments here at OMG Blog highlights the usual complaints against her: her music suxxx, her costumes are dumb, she just steals everything from Madonna, she just steals everything from everyone. My personal opinion is as follows: I think her music is okay, her costumes are great, and who cares if she’s stealing everything? Finally, you have to admit that when it comes to gay stuff, particularly Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, her aggressive and outspoken activism is kind of amazing.
She’s been accused of pandering to her gay fans, but how many other celebrities of Gaga’s stature have gone so out of her way to support the gay cause? Most celebrities who want to pander to their gay fans just appear on the cover of out magazine, give a couple of platitudinous quotes and call it a day. And seriously, what has Madonna done for us lately?

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3 Comments on "OMG, She Tells It: Lady Gaga"

  1. I don’t think she’s using us. There are so many pop artists with huge gay followings that don’t do anything to show support for gays. People are going to buy music they like no matter if she defends us or not.
    Also, I don’t really think she’s stealing her style from anyone. The fact that she wears a different, awesome costume every single day kind of sets it up so that some costumes look like others.
    Her sound might be a combination of other artists, but who isn’t the sum of his or her influences?
    Personally, Lady Gaga has been crazy inspiring to me. I think the youth’s been programmed to deal with bullshit, but Lady Gaga’s really working to fix and help other people. She does what she wants.
    awesome speech, by the way

  2. I love her music, costumes and all. But I especially love what she has to say in this speech of hers. She is not doing this for attention because she isn’t one to do that. A few of my friends are friends with her because they went to NYU and they have told me she was always as crazy as she is now that she is Lady GaGa.
    I appreciate all she has to say and it’s about time a celebrity stood up for gays and not care if that means their carrier will suffer. She is a legend and an amazing woman whom I look up to for all she has to say.

  3. I actually think she steals less from Madonna and more from Roisin Murphy:
    My problem with Lady Gaga is not her music or even her ridiculous costumes. It’s her persona/behavior. I can’t bear to watch interviews with her. I find her voice grating and whenever someone asks her a question, it’s as if she takes a moment to calculate in her head what will be the most controversial or bizarre answer. She’s like that girl in high school with histrionic personality disorder that would do anything (including saying she was pregnant or raped) to get attention.
    I’m happy for anyone who supports the gay cause, but it doesn’t mean I find her appealing. Cindy and Meghan McCain posed for the No H8 campaign and Laura Bush said on Larry King she supported gay rights. Doesn’t mean I’ll be voting for anyone with the last name of McCain or Bush anytime soon…
    And also, about her music: what is with the weird direction her songs always take about 2/3 of the way through.
    Just Dance –
    Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic
    Got my blueprint, it’s symphonic
    Poker Face –
    I’m just bluffin’ with my muffin
    I’m not lyin, I’m just stunnin’ with my love-glue-gunnin’
    Bad Romance –
    Walk walk fashion, baby
    Work it, move that thing, crazy
    Dance in the Dark –
    Work your blond, Benet Ramsey will haunt like Liberace
    WTF? Is she on crack?

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