!! OMG, she weeps for her art: Madonna’s emotional moment !!

So apparently Madonna cries now? This video shows the star in what seems to be some sort of break down during a performance of “Like A Virgin” in Berlin last Thursday. Sincere or stunt? Hard to tell with ol’ Madge, but after the nudity scandals of her earlier international shows, there’ll only be one thing left to do once the concert reaches the US: Naked crying. Prepare yourselves.
(via dlisted)

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2 Comments on "OMG, she weeps for her art: Madonna’s emotional moment"

  1. It’s called Menopause!

  2. Perhaps our dear old Madge is hitting menopause – stripping off because of ‘hot flushes’ and crying caused by hormonal mood swings…..but I still love the old bitch.

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