!! OMG, he’s naked: Shia LaBeouf !!

Transformers actor and American sex symbol Shia LaBeouf gets extremely nude for extremely long in the video for the Sigur Rós song “Fjögur Píanó.”
See the NSFW stills and video after the jump.

Click to enlarge. Watch video below.
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27 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Shia LaBeouf"

  1. ALl the comments about the size of his cock, are so stupid, some men are bigger/ smaller when flaccid, some react to the temperature more(shrinkage) some are showers/ some are growers etc. I guess all the women posting comments about how size makes a difference -will be more than happy to share the dimensions of their enormous vaginas and how they are better women because they are built huge. Really too stupid!

  2. having a big penis is a curse from all the white partners i had. (i’m average) it’s great to suck on but intercourse usually hurts like “hell” and pain is always in along with pleasure and most guys or girls are intmidated or skeptical about it so don’t kid yourself that big is better.
    no one gets to choose their penis size so get over it.

  3. @wana, I’m pretty sure most of the men reading this blog aren’t worried about having sex with women. And yes, he does have an average sized penis, it is not small. Look up the average size some time and you will see it ranges from 5 to 6 inches and that is erect size, not flaccid. Get a little educated.

  4. LOL Well, all I can say is that the facts speak for themselves:

  5. lets get something perfectly clear that man has a small penis and did he ever hear of manscapping no women wants all that hair in her nose so all you men that are commenting that he is average and some woman has told you that size doesn’t matter she lying and yes it does matter because even if you have a mean head game we always want to follow it up with a nice side order of tasty thick dick

  6. @ryan If you click and enlarge the second picture where he is naked, you can see that he is cut. The first nude image you can’t really tell.

  7. ryan I agree, It doesn’t look like he is cut.
    Not that it matters to be either or but I thought he was Jewish??

  8. I think he has a beautiful body. I get ppl think he is a douche but physically speaking he looks yummy! And my hubby is way smaller than that soft and grows to 6″…not huge but I would bet he has a nice size when hard!!!

  9. It seems like Shannon would be able to figure out that if every actor ever posted to this site has a “tiny” penis, then that size cannot be considered tiny. It’s called normal.

  10. Uh Shannon, you obviously haven’t had many sexual partners. He’s about average in the cock department. You may have had a guy with a big member… good on you. But don’t presume to be the cock expert. I’ve had maybe a bit more than 100. There are big ones, and there are small ones. Shia is about average.

  11. I thought he was jewish. Is it me or does he look uncut from what you can see?

  12. It always cracks me up when I see people commenting on penis size and saying oh it’s small or they’d be ashamed of having one that size. It’s so ludicrous, it’s not like people do anything to get a certain dick size. You didn’t go climb a mountain or save a village from a volcano to get a big dick. It’s pure genetics, so why people are so fascinated and concerned about size is beyond me. They all serve the same function, so grow up a little will you?

  13. damn, people. harsh much? he looks like a normal naked dude. not sure what you all were expecting. 1) not every guy has a 20 inch porno dong, and 2) he’s not even hard. jeez.

  14. I don’t understand why anyone would want to see Shia naked. I mean, really?

  15. OPTIMUS! Well, he certainly isn’t Prime!

  16. I was hoping OMG would make a close-up of Shia there. With one eye, he looks uncut and with my other eye, he looks cut. I know his family was very poor, but his mother is Jewish and his father Cajun-French. Maybe someone who went to bed with him can answer the question someday or maybe he will say so. I’ve never known Spielberg to work with uncut actors.
    I applaud Shia LaBeouf for being so brave to appear nude and full frontal in this short film. It will give him more exposure and help him land another acting job.
    Shia kind of looks a little like the late country-folk singer, Eddie Rabbitt

  17. Him? sexy?? He is FAR from sexy!! Very disappointing article, and that nasty hair, yuk

  18. Poor Shannon….you’re stuck in a world where you believe every guy must have a 7″ or longer flacid penis. From the comments you make, I highly doubt you’ve reached puberty yet….which explains why you’re such a troll. And if you have, then it’s sad to know that you have no knowledge of what an average size male penis looks like. I’m not a big fan of Shia LaBeouf but I will comment that he has a perfectly normal, flacid size penis. Some guys are shorter and some are blessed with being longer. Unfortunately he doesn’t have an elephants trunk like yours. *rolls eyes* Grow up or shut up.

  19. This is so sad. I, for one, was hoping for more — a lot more — and all we get to see is a mini-dick that is not even long enough to swing.

  20. My lord, he’s a good looking guy, but why that hair???? Why is it that these good looking male stars have to muck up their looks with such blatant attempts to look awful with these greasy, ridiculous “cuts”. Are they so ashamed of being good looking that they have to try to look bad? I’m beginning to think so, because not just Shia but other actors such as Ashton Kutcher try to hide their good looks under stringy, greasy hair. Just sad, no one wants to look good any more.

  21. Hi This is really not news!
    The videos and photos were everywhere on the internet last month. I dont know why the webmaster of OMGBlog didnt know this till today.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  22. Anyone else thinking uncut?

  23. I’ve never understood what was so attractive about him while the rest of the world was ooh-ing and ah-ing. That being said, he looks much better naked than I expected and I admire him for sharing. For the inevitable whiners, “Don’t look!” Perhaps we should have a warning, “OMG he’s naked (and it’s averagely sized so don’t look if you need a tree trunk)”

  24. i want him sooooooooo bad


  26. Since when has Shia LaBeouf been an American sex symbol?

  27. I wouldn’t call him a sex symbol looking like that, nasty!

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