!! OMG, she’s a poet: Suzanne Somers !!

In 1980 Suzanne “Thighmaster” Somers wrote a book of poetry called Touch Me which you can now buy for one cent on Amazon.
If this sample poem, entitled “The Lower Parts,” doesn’t convince you to shell out a penny for the sake of your own emotional growth, then you are a cheap bastard indeed:

And do I know exactly why it starts
Slow, and have I those things which live towards the bottom,
In the lower parts
Of my heart?
For the hardest meeting
Is when it comes around but the manner is not right
You take me there and then this one you draw aside
Pretend you are distant
Exactly, do not worry.
But if I appreciate you with any heart
In the lower parts
You’re this one there
Do not have a need to worry when it’s going to get hard.
And if you cannot remain the baby
This one time you will be all right.
You bellow and burn and
Your manner by the length the night you untie,
And the resurgence itself with the light
That this one extends towards the bottom
In the lower parts.
Shiver with difficulty and make us fall
Why it’s you who begins the slow call
When you have those things which live towards the bottom,
In the lower parts
Of my heart.

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3 Comments on "OMG, she’s a poet: Suzanne Somers"

  1. Damn, I wish you could “look inside” this book. My friend bought this with me at a used books store. A gem.

  2. I saw her one woman broadway show, the night it closed. We had great seats. The show was bad, but she was great. I love TV’s sexy Suzanne Somers!

  3. The first time she did “Johnny Carson”, she thought she was there to talk about the poetry book which had just came out. He introduced her by saying “we found the beautiful blonde in the tbird from American Graffiti and her name is Suzanne Somers”.
    He didn’t even know she had a book.
    I love Suzane. Her book “keeping secrets” is a must read for anybody that grew up with a drunk for a parent.

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