!! OMG, she’s blogging: Kim Walther !!

Remember that blue-haired lesbian on The Anna Nicole Smith Show that followed Anna around everywhere and even got a tattoo of Anna’s face on her arm?
Her name is Kimberly Walther, and boy is she pissed off! Most of her anger is directed at Howard K. Stern, Anna’s lawyer/lover who is trying his best to get all the money. On her blog “Just Kimmy ready to kick AZZ,” Walther lets her thoughts spew out in a stream of jumbled cliches and run-on sentences.
Sample: “Howard skirted around most of them, looked like the babble butt he is! You drove and picked up all of Anna’s drugs and paid for them and you don’t know their names?? Oh PLEZZ Jack Azz…”
And don’t get me started on the forum… (via ELH)

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5 Comments on "OMG, she’s blogging: Kim Walther"

  1. isn’t EVERYTHING about this story
    the fact of the matter is she was in florida looking for a yacht for several days while her beloved daughter remained in the bahamas.
    anyone who denies this chick was fucked up..is fucked up themselves.
    i love watching a train wreck just as much as the next guy, but pregnant women should not do drugs or you will end up with fucked up people like me.
    jack jett

  2. About kimmy Walther, Anna Nicole’s friend….Thats not even her blog! its an imposter. She was on ET last night defending Howard K. Stern.

  3. The ET interview tonight convinced me that this Kimmy website is bunk. Hire a taxidermist, stuff the body and put her on tour!

  4. Perez Hilton is reporting that this is a fraud website, and the real Kimmy is going to do an interview on ET tonight to clear things up

  5. the blog is a fake, she is going to be on The Insider tonite.

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