!! OMG, she’s broke: Real Housewife Theresa Giudice !!

A big part of watching any of Bravo’s Real Housewife programs is sitting there thinking how the f*ck do these trashy people who don’t really seem to have jobs pay for this insane shit?! This is especially true in the New Jersey iteration of the show, in which all of the unemployed housewives live in lavish mansions that look like giant pizzerias (complete with fancy “al fresco” murals and faux-stucco finish!), drive SUVs bigger than my apartment, and drop tens of thousands of dollars at a time keeping their children outfitted in the latest designer kinderwhorewear. That’s not even mentioning the veritable millions spent on hair extensions, leopard-print stretch-pants, bubbie implants and lavish banquets featuring ziti baked with diamonds!
How on Earth can these women afford this glamorous and extravagant lifestyle?!?! Oh right, they can’t:: Theresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has become the latest of the reality franchise’s housewives to file for bankruptcy. And is she ever bankrupt! Although she and her husband Joe together make $80k annually, they’re in debt for almost $11m.
By the way that little m stand for million!
How will poor Theresa get herself out of this mess? If things don’t get better soon, will she be forced to ask fair-weather Housewife Danielle Staub to give her some tips on prostitution whoredom? I’m sure we’ll find out in season 3!
[NY Post via Joe. My. God.]

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4 Comments on "OMG, she’s broke: Real Housewife Theresa Giudice"

  1. Sunny with Blue | September 7, 2010 at 9:41 pm | Reply

    My opinion…I remember Theresa saying that she could never stand living in someone elses house. Well “get over it Theresa” cuz now you must down size to the rest of the “REAL PEOPLE OF THE USA”. Can you see what has gone wrong with this whole picture? Kharma and Theresa have finally met each other. Now learn from it and stop being so nasty and judgemental of others.

  2. Marilyn Oliver | September 6, 2010 at 1:31 am | Reply

    Theresa is not the brand of Italian that most real Italians would want to associate with…she can’t speak well, dresses her children like they[re part of some circus act, kids are as obnoxious as she is..Joe seems as illiterate as
    theresa…the clannish part is usual in GOOD italian families, but not USED as this clan does. Caroline is a farce…tough broad w/a clever mouth ..starts trouble while being offended by facts of her own parents and family..won’t forgive danielle’s 24 year old past, but forgets her own..I still remember Dina’s Millionaire wedding…w/camera shy hubby..and what Caroline does best has always been control..not care…control…fake, fake…Theresa was beggihg for trouble waiting for Danielle in the hall…Theresa’s illiterate, loud mouth, cheezy flashy ways, and lack of knowledge begins iwth her own family….

  3. All I have to say IS LOL!!!!! You get what you put out

  4. I’m just gonna make a sterotypical assumption. Joe has to be in the mob. Did you all see the episode where they moved into thier new home?? He paid the movers in cash. They showed his wad of $100 dollar bills. I mean come on, besides Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who just carries around a wad of $100 bills?!

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