!! OMG, she’s horny: Meredith Vieira !!

I knew there was a reason I loved Meredith Vieira. (Confession: I love every member of The View, including Elizabeth Hasselback and even poor fired Debbie Matenopolous!) But Meredith will always hold a special place in my heart as the most MILFY lady of the roundtable. (Sorry Joy!)
Of course, Ms. Vieira has now abandoned her sisters in Hot Topics and moved on on to the greener pastures of the Today Show. But what many forget is that she is also the mostessy hostess of the low-rent, syndicated and Reegeless version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. Apparently it’s watched by so few people that she’s allowed to be as f*cking insane as she wants. (Confession: I watch it all the time.)
In this episode Meredith practically gets pregnant just from looking at this studly military triviamaster, and starts basically begging him for sex, telling him “I’m just an old horny lady!” and later, “Putting a wet finger in someone’s what? Anywhere you wanna put it, okay Max?” I am offended! Call the FCC! Actually, no. Who can blame her? Don’t we all love a man in a uniform? (I also love a man like a unicorn but we’ll talk about that another time.)
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4 Comments on "OMG, she’s horny: Meredith Vieira"

  1. You go girl!
    I don’t blame her one bit, he is hot!
    I’d be on that shit too!

  2. Lol I loved it! I don’t blame Meredith at all, he is a hot piece of arse! Bonus points for the uniform 🙂

  3. my god she was so milfy and all over that (hot) military man.
    but i don’t blame her. i’d let him put his wet willie in me too.

  4. HAHAHA Omg this is Awesome, thanks “Bmad” for getting a hold of it.

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