!! OMG, She’s Posing Naked: Marge Simpson !!

TMZ has posted Marge Simpson’s Playboy Cover (I heard that the somewhat hotter Mrs. Krabappel demanded too much money) and while Gabe at VideoGum asks “Can we be done with the Simpsons now?” I think the more obvious question is “Why do they still have Playboy again?”
Not that I’m rooting for the death of yet another historic and groundbreaking magazine, but, uh, seriously, why is Playboy around again? Does it just exist for the purpose of existing so that bunny-logo merchandise can have a reason to be manufactured and sold to sluts and idiots? Or is there an actual reason to read the actual magazine? (Besides seeing Marge Simpson’s cooch, which of course I’m excited for.)
If there are any straight fellows who read this blog, please enlighten me!

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2 Comments on "OMG, She’s Posing Naked: Marge Simpson"

  1. It sounds like a cliche, but Playboy had (and I’m assuming still has) great articles and in depth interviews. I’m a gay guy and grew up reading my Dad’s Playboy’s and always really enjoyed them. They are equal parts cheesy airbrushed nudes and cultural/poltical/social commentary/interviews/stories. Plus, the whole magazine has this wierd old school, southern-charmed sexual charge to it. In this day of instantaneous internet porn whenever you want, there is somthing refreshing about Playboy still existing.

  2. I’m straight (and female) and I used to read my not-so-straight-female friend’s Playboy’s all the time. THey actually have some great articles. THat and we liked to make fun of the super airbrushed pictures…and who can’t appreciate a good set of boobies?

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