!! OMG, she’s in her 20s: Blake Lively !!

Okay, so Anderson Cooper thinks Blake Lively Smells good – that’s the first thing he said to her when she came on while he was guest-hosting on Regis and Kelly.
I imagine Blake to smell like the flower of death, Lily of the Valley, cause she looks like she’s 143 years old. I swear I almost dropped dead when my friend (whose friend is Blake’s friend, swear to God) told me she was under 30. Apparently she’s 21 or something. I don’t buy it! It all smells of Catherine Zeta-Jones fakery to me.
And PS – I tried to eat a yogurt on the steps of the Met last week before I went to see the Koons and Turner exhibits, but there was no yogurt stand and the security guard kicked me off the steps so I had to go eat my Pizza Pretzel and Snapple on a stupid bench a ways away. LAME!
See Blake on the show with my daddy-lover Andy Coops after the jump.

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5 Comments on "OMG, she’s in her 20s: Blake Lively"

  1. For one of the first times, I do not agree with you. I believe she is nice and VERY beautiful.I find it a little hard to believe that she is in her 20’s.I thought she was still 18 or 19.lol

  2. She looks like a young Angie Dickinson.

  3. Who cares how young you look, who wants to sleep with an asian guy?

  4. white people just do not age well. fortunately for me, ill look about 16 for the next 20 yrs!

  5. Bitch, what crack are you smoking? That girl is so beautiful. Looks like in her 40’s? WTF?
    She’s also the nicest ever…
    I took a percocet earlier.

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