!! OMG, she’s (maybe) broke: Rihanna !!

Save Rihanna!
How the hell could it be that the saviour of pop music herself, she who had about 15 singles on the radio at any given time over the past 2 years, has no money? It’s rumoured that Ms. Thing only has $20K in her bank account after her funds were severely mismanaged.
Forget disease and stuff! Let’s have a fundraiser for Ri-Ri!
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5 Comments on "OMG, she’s (maybe) broke: Rihanna"

  1. Not surprising. Most of these relatively new artists are signed for peanuts. They have a hit record on their first try out the gate and it’s the record companies that profit. They put the money into marketing the music, etc. They took the risk, so the artist makes very little on the first few albums. Sadly, a lot of groups drop out of the limelight by album 2 or 3 and never realize any money.
    I think it was the lead singer to Color Me Badd (which had like 3 or 4 hits in the 90s) that was recently profiled as being a deadbeat dad and working as a manager at a tire shop.
    Look at the really rich singers and you find ones that have been in it for years, own their songs, and produce…they don’t just sing.

  2. This is typical of a lot of musicians. Many of them sing about money, they wear lots of gold and look like they live large. But the reality is that their vehicles, homes, most of their possessions and flashy stuff are owned by the entertainment companies. So? She has more money in the bank now than she ever has, and she pays for nothing. If she stays popular and she has been around for a few years longer, she will have leverage to re-negotiate her contract.

  3. All she need to do is to stop making new video for a while… let the money flows in from selling her re-released Girl Gone Bad album.
    Also, I’m more than sure that Jay-Z’s music company will invest millions in her soon just to have her to create another album. Soon, I promise.

  4. Are you friggin’ kidding me?
    I’d kill to have $20K in my bank account.

  5. As much as I love Rihanna, I just can’t find it in me to care. Maybe it’s the fact that I am a normal citizen who is having real money troubles thanks to our shitty economy. Rihanna can always hire a new manager, play a couple of shows in New York, and she’ll make more money than most people do in a year.

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