!! OMG, she’s on Letterman: Amy Sedaris !!

Even though she’s still hawking that same old cookbook, and has been on Letterman 50 times, I never get tired of her. Watch her shake her pasties and let her rabbit eat raisins out of her mouth above.

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4 Comments on "OMG, she’s on Letterman: Amy Sedaris"

  1. Oh Angus…why the beef with Amy Sedaris? It’s so rare that you meet someone so…I don’t know…tender as her. You are welcome to your opinion, of course. I wouldn’t want you to stew in your own juices, but maybe you should try another cut of Ms. Sedaris and see if you don’t think her material is well done. Thank you.

  2. Amy is noisy but not so funny.

  3. I couldn’t love her more. Holy lord. Why aren’t more people like her?

  4. she could hawk that old cookbook for the rest of her (hopefully long and cheerful) life, and i will never tire of ms. sedaris. i can’t believe i actually liked her brother more at one time. i would love to have known them growing up!

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