!! OMG, how spooky: Gay ghosts !!

Aura photograph of AA Bronson and Mark Krayenhoff by Chrysanne Stathacos
We’ve just received a hot tip from a little gay bird:

AA Bronson and his Toronto pal Peter Hobbs are performing Invocation of the Queer Spirits in New Orleans at midnight on Halloween in a secret place in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. It’s a kind of naked gay ritual kind of thing, a sort of seance, wearing only butt plugs decorated with rooster feathers (like tails). They’ve been cooking up potions and dousing themselves in oils and herbs all week (they’re a little stinky, but kinda sweet) I wish I could be there myself, but alas! it’s a closed set.”

So pagan and real! We’ll be sure to post the photos/video when they’re available.

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2 Comments on "OMG, how spooky: Gay ghosts"

  1. No rat. Notice that the part of Mark’s aura directly over his heart (Mark is on the right) is stronger than mine (I am on the left). Chrysanne was photographing a lot of people that day. Mark and I were feeling deeply connected and “in synch” and presto–our auras came out like that… completely different than everyone else’s but much alike.

  2. Thats weird. They have the same auras! I smell a rat. These photos are so nice though. Two of my friends got them done at the Psychic Fair! I want one. No colour means you are dying.

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