!! OMG, she’s on the pole: Martha Stewart !!

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If you’re like me and don’t have a real job, I hope you’re as obsessed with the Martha Stewart show as I am. Ever since this lady got out of the big house she has been absolutely on fire! Whether she’s doing yoga with Mrs. Sting Trudie Styler, having an on air mother-daughter tiff with her bitchy spawn Alexis or interviewing weird bloggers, Martha always comes to the table with a f*ck-it joie de vivre that is truly inspiring in its craziness. Today, she pole dances with Sheila Kelley, the S Factor workout queen. Although Martha begs Ms. Kelley to let her do “the upside-down things,” the routine sadly doesn’t quite make it there. It’s still the best thing I’ve seen since Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning though!
Since I can’t find an embeddable version of the video, click over to Jezebel to watch Martha in action.

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  1. Please Stop!

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