!! OMG, she’s pretty: Tara Reid !!

Notorious mess Tara Reid has trimmed down, washed her hair, and put on some clothes, resulting in a really great look. Now all she has to do is actually act in something to revive her “acting” career.
If you don’t think this news is blogworthy, let me gently remind you what she was a few short months ago:

See a few more photos of the new Tara at the Lloyd Klein store opening after the jump.
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2 Comments on "OMG, she’s pretty: Tara Reid"

  1. Its just sad that our culture creates these so called “stars”!
    They have more money then they know what to do with and piss it away on mediocre lifestyles. Twenty years ago no one would have acknowleged her or 80% of the so called “stars” we have now. I mean, who isn’t famous??
    It would be refreshing to actually have a few celebrities who have actual talent.

  2. Sorry Frank, but I think you may have it wrong on this one. She’s still an anorexic money-grubbing trashy whore. Ok, I’m jealous.

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