!! OMG, she’s crazy: Melanie Griffith !!

Click to enlarge. PLEASE.
Melanie Griffith has always seemed a bit kooky to me, but never did I imagine how wild-ass crazy she really is. The more you explore her bizarre website, the more you come to know her true self, and her special fantasy world. Proceed with extreme caution: www.melaniegriffith.com
(via Nervous Breakdown)

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5 Comments on "OMG, she’s crazy: Melanie Griffith"

  1. OMG go to the website again, quick! It got jacked by some dude lmao:
    “Hi Melanie Griffith,
    It appears that whoever was in charge of maintaining the registration of this domain name messed up, as the domain expired recently and then “dropped” several weeks later. It was consequently put up for auction at NameJet.com, where I purchased it for $669 on your behalf, assuming that you would want it back as quickly and inexpensively as possible. If I was a cybersquatter and intended to keep the domain or sell it to you at a profit then it would cost you several thousand dollars to file an ICANN “UDRP” action – a process which would take several months, I believe – so I hope you are pleased with what I did.
    In any event, an authorized agent of yours can contact me using the WHOIS information for the domain. I will immediately change the nameservers so that your website goes right back up, and an ownership transfer will be arranged.
    I know people say this to you every day, but you are one of my very favorite actresses and are obviously a very sweet person. I hope you run for President!
    Warm regards,
    Jon Schultz
    Washougal, WA”

  2. That website and the pic of Melanie remind me of Stevie Nicks, for some reason. Like Mrs. Banderas wants to be a witchy woman, but with added sugar.

  3. guuuuuurl. crazy fo sho.

  4. I still can’t figure out what’s behind the magic door…

  5. Frank, I’m shocked to learn you’ve never been to Ms. Griffith’s site before today. Alas, I’m glad we have rectified the situation.

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