!! OMG, She’s So Yesterday: Carly Fiorina !!

Republican candidate for US Senate’s main credentials for public office are driving Hewlett Packard into the ground as an executive and getting fired by John McCain for being a total idiot. That won’t prevent her from making bitchy remarks about Sen. Barbara Boxer’s hair, which she deemed “so yesterday” when accidentally caught on a live mic. Ms. Fiorina somehow seems to overlook the fact that she herself looks like a substitute teacher who bought her hair at a church yard sale, but whatever!
[via Towleroad]

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7 Comments on "OMG, She’s So Yesterday: Carly Fiorina"

  1. Barbara Boxer’s ass may belong on a short bus, but this Carly asshole has no business in California politics. She’s a greedy, pig and this just demonstrates further that she is, indeed, a P.O.S.
    Kind of crazy, NEWS 10 in Sac (where I live) is responsible for this interview, and didn’t even want to make it public. Thank god for CNN.

  2. Call me crazy, I think that chick is cute in a “You live to oppress others” sort of way…

  3. I’m glad she said this. Barbara Boxer is that senator who ordered an Army General to call her “Senator Boxer” when addressing her. Excuse me Mrs. Boxer, but Generals are trained to call every female “Madam”. Mrs. Boxer should have shown more respect to the Army General.

  4. I’d forgotten that she’d had cancer, but guess what– it doesn’t actually matter what her hair looks like! She’s still comes off as a complete idiot!

  5. She looks like this because she had cancer, and she makes fun of her hair at the beginning of every speech. Way to be a douche.

  6. Um, isn’t she a cancer survivor, and that’s why her hair is that short?

  7. Hysterical, as always, omg!
    But you neglected to acknowledge her primary credential for the Senate – she is uber-rich and able to buy herself a seat by outspending her opponent. She has blanketed the airwaves with television commercials that influence a malleable populace more interested in celebrity than competence.

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