!! OMG, SHOE gotta see these: the Uggliest of the Uggliest Uggs !!

The name ‘UGG’ is simply the abridged version of the original name for the common UGG which was “UGGly as all hell, don’t you dare wear these; they are a joke and we are laughing so hard that you are still buying this crap and dumping around your fallen-arched flat-ass soggy feet in these soggy lumps of UGGly loaves of bread UGGly UGGliest UGG UGG”..I can see why they shortened it simply to UGG!
UGG is also the sound one makes when they start to vomit at the realisation that somebody somewhere nearby is wearing them for God’s sake…UGGgghhhh!
Buzzfeed has compiled a list of the UGGliest of the UGG…which I couldn’t agree more with, with one exception that they thoughtlessly overlUGGed…the one UGG that makes all other UGGs loose their minds? The ‘UGG-CROC’ of course, of which I have lauded above [Pink Power Ranger version] as a hop, step and dump into Buzzfeed’s ’20 Pairs Of Uggs That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity’ list.

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