!! OMG, showing us his skinny dipper: Thomas Coumans !!

Belgian Actor Thomas Coumans played Zoltan in ‘North Sea Texas’ and a bar tender this year in ‘Puppy Love’.
We are definitely in puppy love with him and so were thrilled to see that he decided to flash his poopy-puppies for us in 2008 short film ‘En Compagnie de la Poussière’ [which you can watch in French HERE].
You can see him KISSING THE SUPPLE FLUFFY HEAD OF A NEWBORN and catch his NSFW poopy-puppies taking a plop in the lake after the jump.

[via TSCOTP]

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19 Comments on "OMG, showing us his skinny dipper: Thomas Coumans"

  1. Loud and clear and long winded boys. I come to this blog because its entertaining. Sexy boys, cats, and wierd shit that I may not understand or be able to wrap my head around…. including the writing of an unbridled imagination. I see where you are coming from and in my personal opinion if Duncan were to take your advice things would just get a whole lot more ordinary! I get it though… writing and words are you jam so I can see why ya’ll get stuck. I do think you might be incorrect about representing the core audience but who knows, the world’s a colorful place. Geez… now look who’s long winded. Back to the kitty cats.

  2. @Bdub
    I understand that Duncan writes other articles and can be clear and concise in those. I don’t believe anyone who posted here are attempting to attack him personally. As a soon to be graduate student in English Literature, I love word play, and witty authors. But any good writer needs to learn to pull back when their voice is alienating most of their target audience. It’s actually great that Duncan is out there because it’s much easier to pull an artist back than to pull something fresh out of them. With that said, I can honestly say I have never used these pictures as “daily jerk off” material. My main intrigue deals with curiosity. It’s actually quite backwards thinking for gay men to assume that photos of naked men must equal a way to get off. Have we not evolved past the stereotypes that plague our community? Even though I’m a graduate and what not, I’m not claiming to be the best or greatest writer of all time, (especially since I’m on an IPad lol) but I do know that feedback can only help a writer grow.

  3. A pretty rigid gang of people on this site. So many rules around language and what’s proper. I think Duncan is funny. Yes it occasionally takes a moment or two to digest the content but overall he seems very creative.

  4. Self correction, I realize that how I worded my comments makes it sound like I was claiming to have published books out and I don’t as yet, what I meant to say was that I am a writer with stuff in print, articles in magazines etc, but that I am an author of fantasy and science fiction novels, working on publication. Sorry about that.

  5. @bdud
    If you think the comments have only been on the ones featuring naked men then you have obviously missed some. The ones I originally commented on were of other subject matter and were months ago. Also, what you might see as Duncan having a “youthful and spirited imagination” I see as being rather juvenile, “poopy puppies”… really?
    As for my own imagination it’s alive and well I assure you, as a published author of fantasy and science fiction novels, an avid reader, and a committed gamer, it’s firmly ensconced in my being. In the end though, as I have stated several times, it’s just our opinions, and we all have our own and the right to express them too.
    I hold no ill will towards Duncan Alexander or anyone else on this site, but I do believe that when something starts to get out of hand to the point that it provokes comments and ill will, that it should be examined. Frank has already assured us that he takes everything into consideration, and hopefully Duncan is reading these as well and can take some of the constructive criticism to heart. I don’t say that to mean that he has to change, just to realize that the way he is writing is setting some people’s teeth on edge.
    As always, my two cents.

  6. Hi, Frank:
    I hope you didn’t take this the wrong way. I don’t think anyone suggested you should make editorial decisions based solely on reader comments. But the fact of the matter is, various readers have chimed in regarding the same problem. The alleged “wordplay” isn’t annoying, it’s unreadable. I would think in the world of journalism, blogging and communications, readers’ ability to comprehend what is being said would be important to you. I can appreciate a writer developing a “style,” but a new dialect entirely is another thing. Hemingway had a very specific style. I don’t need to “adjust” to it as his reader because I can comprehend what he’s saying. That isn’t the case here. I understand the need to defend your employees and I’m sure Duncan is a talented guy and hope he sticks around. But if you can’t take and learn from constructive criticism–ours being that the “wordplay” is so extreme as to lose us entirely–how can you grow as a writer? I used to visit the blog daily. Now, once every week or two. I’d hope this would make a difference, since I’ve been a reader since 2005 or 2006.

  7. Eko
    I just find it funny that the posts people seem to complain on are featuring naked men. I have read several post from Duncan over the year that are clear and concise and interesting. There are a wide range of posts on the site but it seems only these in particular get yours , and others, panties in a bunch. just saying! Duncan obviously has a youthful and spirited imagination. Perhaps your own has become a little dusty? Youth these days…. where do they get off??

  8. Thank you again Frank for taking the time to respond, it is appreciated. Of course you should not make editorial decisions based purely on comments, but comments are your readers way of voicing dissatisfaction along with what they like.
    Your comment though of, “Even if you are still getting used to Duncan’s writing style…” makes me wonder if the point of all of these comments is even getting through. None voicing their concerns here are getting used to it, in fact what started out as a different style has veered off entirely into the incoherent and quite frankly, the annoying. Every writer has a personal style, and my comments are not meant to be a direct attack on Duncan himself, but sometimes a writer needs to recognize when the train has gone off the tracks.
    @bdud – I’m not sure why you singled out jakeoff, there are several others here who share his opinion and have said similar things. In the end of course they are just opinions, but we have just as much right to voice them as you do yours. The very fact that we are all taking the time to comment proves that we are here for more than just our “daily jerk off material”. I think the reason people have spoken up is because while yes there are others that contribute to this site, Duncan has become the most prevalent poster with the vast majority of items coming from him.
    There will always be people that come here just to look at butts and half naked men, but those that appreciate the site for more than that, wish only the best for the site, its readers, and its staff. I would hate to see any of that put in jeopardy due to short sightedness on anyone’s part. In its current state though, I don’t get as much enjoyment out of visiting as I used too. Again, just my two cents worth.

  9. Jakeoff
    It puzzles me that you continue to publicly whine and complain about the literary content attached to your daily jerk off material. If you really read the blog you would see there is a range of content not only from Duncan but from the other contributors. Perhsps Frank does not listen to you and the other one handed adventurers because your taste and objectives are blatantly clear. GET OVER YOURSELF! If you can’t take a bit of word play and chatter with your nudie pics……FIND A NEW SITE!

  10. Hi Eko and Jakeoff,
    I take all feedback into account, but I’m not making editorial decisions based solely on comments. That said, I do appreciate you letting me know about your opinions! Even if you are still getting used to Duncan’s writing style, I hope you can appreciate the fun and interesting content he is selecting for the site.

  11. In all fairness to Frank, I have to point out that it was not his reply to me that I considered flippant, that one came from Duncan. I would quote it here for reference, but that would mean going back through ages of pages, and I’m not going to do that. So, no need to apologize on that level, Frank.
    I do agree with jakeoff that it’s puzzling that someone didn’t take the time to acknowledge all of the posts here, instead of just mine. I do thank Frank for taking the time to say something, but a broader response probably would have been more fitting.
    With over 14 years in management/supervisory experience, with some of that being in journalism, I know that if you have a writer that isn’t connecting with your readers, you can either help them with constructive criticism and guidance, or you can reassign them to a different position that plays to their strengths. If the writer can not, or will not adapt, then you let them go so that they can find a venue better suited to them.
    You can look at the situation this way, the writers drive the readers and the readers drive the site. If the site is a 2 wheeled cart, and the readers are a wheel on one side with the writers the wheel on the other, if one of the wheels breaks down, then the site winds up spinning in circles and never going anywhere.

  12. Frank, it puzzles me that you took the time to publicly respond to Eko, yet you didn’t bother to say anything regarding any of the feedback of this comment thread or others about the incoherent writing. Perhaps for a while page views won’t be affected by the truly bizarre writing, but ultimately as readers tire of the problem continuing uncorrected, it cannot be good for business. Absent a response we have to conclude no one there cares. Readers tend to resent that sort of thing.

  13. Hi Eko,
    I’m sorry you felt my first reply to your concerns was “flippant.” We do take all reader feedback into account, including your latest comment.

  14. I’m so glad to see others speaking up about this. I said something months ago about the writing style becoming unreadable, only to get a flippant reply in response. I used to enjoy the articles and captions but now I only skim through the pictures and don’t visit the site as often as I used too.
    Oddly, the main page only shows one comment on this post right now, even though there are six, including this one. I can’t help but notice there is one positive comment here, while the rest are offering some criticism, coincidence? It could be a glitch of course, but one can’t help but wonder.
    Only time will tell if the writer in question pays attention to what the readers have to say here, and takes it to heart. I for one hope so as this has always been one of my favorite sites. However, due to the over the top and oftentimes incoherent writing that has taken over, that could soon be a thing of the past. Just my two cents worth.

  15. I have been thinking the same thing for awhile now! I don’t know if he’s on something, but his writing is erratic and completely unreadable! I just look at the pictures and don’t even try to scan the text.

  16. I guess I’m not new here since I like reading the posts and seeing the pics, but I got to say that the articles are becoming incoherent. I understand the wordplay, and the need to be “witty” but if it’s turning the target audience away, then maybe you should tone it down a bit. I don’t bother reading the articles anymore, and I used to enjoy those. Having a voice as. A writer will usually work in ones favor, but sometimes a writer needs to learn to pull back.

  17. Meh, maybe he’s tired of saying cute naked man bits. Either way, I’m into it.

  18. @HG, I’m pretty sure people don’t say that. I’m not about to type that into Google though to confirm it.
    Thomas it cute. Pity the pics aren’t better.

  19. I need a Duncan translator. I can’t tell what he’s talking about 90% of the time. “Poopy puppies?” Do people say that?

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