!! OMG, Shut Uppppp! It’s National Day of Silence !!

Hey, I just remembered that it’s the National Day of Silence. Does that mean I don’t have to write any more posts? And shouldn’t Lance Bass have tape on his mouth or something? I guess celebrities are exempt from the silence! (I know, I know– it’s just for the schoolchildren. But still!)
I’m kind of surprised that conservatives are just starting to complain about this now. I remember people doing the Day of Silence thing fifteen years ago when I was in high school and no one cared about it at all. (Or even really noticed it was happening!) And s far as in-your-face activism goes, isn’t shutting the f*ck up about as inoffensive as it gets? Do you really have to take your kids out of school to prevent them from being exposed to gay protesters who aren’t saying anything?
Okay, you won’t hear a peep out of me for the rest of the day! (Ugh, just kidding; I still have one more post to do 🙁 )
[Day of Silence

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2 Comments on "OMG, Shut Uppppp! It’s National Day of Silence"

  1. Wish I would have known earlier. I’d have shut up all morning

  2. tapeduppenguin | April 16, 2010 at 3:26 pm | Reply

    One of the great things about the day of silence movemtent is how much it’s grown. Maybe 15 years ago no one cared but these days thousands if n0t tens of thousands participate in California alone. The silence is being heard and people are taking notice. When i was in high school (grad 07) about a third of our school participated. And in a school of two thousand thats quite a bit of silence. Equality is closer than people think. and it’s the youth majority thats going to change it.

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