!! OMG, SILLY BITCH: Njena Reddd Foxxx for ‘Interview’ !!

Njenna Reddd Foxxx got stoned, started rapping [for the first time ever] and recorded ‘Imma Read’ one night with Zebra Katz…you know…in one night…just like that!
Njenna says she likes things that way; she says she’s a freelancer by nature, and works her ass off, having gone to arts high school with no drawing abilities and ending up re-making old-school hip-hop videos in CROCHET BODY-BALACLAVAS at Cooper Union [see cover art below].

She tells Marcus Holmlund all about her love for the dark comedy of rapper Redman and comedian Redd Foxx, her ‘The Wiz’ Mixtape, and how she found touring with Azealia Banks:

“Can you put a confused looking emoji sign for my response to that?”

[via interview]

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