!! OMG singing porn star !!

Colton Ford, former (?) porn star now has a career as a house musician. The muscle-daddy has gone from effing on camera to lip-synching on camera for songs produced by Quentin Harris and involving Cazwell. Have a look at one of his videos and a nudie pic after the jump or visit his MYSPACE.
Thanks to Kevin for the tip.


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19 Comments on "OMG singing porn star"

  1. the pic is really really sexy to me…

  2. This is just god awful.

  3. The video is hypnotic.

  4. This video has been on NewNowNext on LOGO, it’s terrible.

  5. Hey, you all may think I am sick in the head or something but I just downloaded this song from Zune and I like it …it sounds much better than the youtube version …I know its a little stupid pop song but its ok….yes it sounds VERY gay but hey ….isn’t that kinda what he was going for?

  6. Is he still the spokesperson for that HGH-esque supplement thingie? I wonder if it works — he does look pretty damn good still, don’t know if it’s just good genes or what.

  7. This is so bad. How embarassing…

  8. ummmm so where were you about 4 yeaers ago when this was first news? LOL I would agree though — bad singing voice and should have stuck with porn 🙂

  9. nice fingers, stink vid

  10. I liked the tune but not the video. I’ve seen some of the porn he has been in and believe me when I say something about his singing voice really gets me all wierded out. Too high and strange. Remember the tune that said “Video killed the radio star”? I think I now understand what that song was saying. If I just heard the tune on the radio and never saw the video I would enjoy it even more. All in all I believe on the gay scene this tune will work well. Good luck to him on his new pursuit and it is good to see porn stars venturing into the real world.

  11. He did a duet with drag act Pepper Mashay. It was bad too.

  12. I saw him at an event last week performing the Alicia Keys song “No One” and I have to say, it was the gayest thing ever; it sounded like karaoke being sung by a hot, half-naked porn star. If he looked like Clay Aiken, this wouldn’t fly at all…

  13. where is frank?

  14. He should’ve stuck with porn.

  15. he also was in a documentary about this very thing. i didn’t see the movie but the queen in me liked the music on the trailer. see it here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2MdudALdqFM

  16. Despite his dancing is horrid and killed some of his appeal, I still lust enough for his body to have his babies. repeatedly.

  17. UGH…hottie, but just listened to some snippets on iTunes. As Bill the Cat would say…AAACK!

  18. This is totally depressing. It’s like meeting a hot rough masculine guy and then going back to his place only to find it covered in Liza paraphernalia.
    Don’t quit your day job Colton.

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