!! OMG, Sir Isaac Cute-on: Jamie Isaac’s ‘Softly Draining Seas’ !!

Londoner Jamie Isaac is what, like 18 or something [?] and his voice is like a sweet cherub lark and the sound of his tinkly fingers on the plucksichordion makes me feel mushy squushy in the back door!

The enjoyment I derive from listening to him is kind of like the enjoyment I derive from looking at pictures of Justin Bieber’s abs; totally legal now but still kind of wrong and embryonic, and I only site Bieber because he’s legal now, and not Austin Mahone or Cody Simpson who aren’t but are way cuter, but we are not looking or anything. Nope! No way! Never! Not at all!

Isaac’s debut EP, ‘I Will Be Cold Soon’ is due out on June 24th through House Anxiety Records. You can download an earlier track ‘An Aus Trail (The Iron Horse Dream)’ HERE and click below for two tracks Jamie made in his bedroom [shush] in 2011 -likely when he was 16, same age as Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson, not that we know about that or are looking or listening or anything- after the jump.


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