!! OMG, so campy: Repo! The Genetic Opera !!

What better to follow up a Liza Minnelli music video than the trailer for the new film Repo! The Genetic Opera, starring Sarah Brightman (the original Christine in Phantom of the Opera) Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy), and… Wait for it… Paris Hilton.
This is the tagline:
“In the not-so-distant future, financed organs are subject to all legal default remedies, including repossession by a GENETIC REPO MAN.”
Sounds like a must-see! (Thanks to Brock for the tip!)

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7 Comments on "OMG, so campy: Repo! The Genetic Opera"

  1. It looks a bit like they blended “Moulin Rouge” and “Blade Runner” with some comic books. It could be this generation’s “The Apple.”

  2. Aw come on! It’s a great show! And go watch Sarah Brightman, she’s just so great!
    And they say it’s gonna be a bloody movie, bloodier than saw :p

  3. This IS an April fools joke; right?!

  4. Now I can die happy – without having to see this steaming pile of shit.

  5. Up until now I thought this was just a big joke, still not sure, but it looks like over the top fun.

  6. That looks(and sounds!) more than horrible.

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