!! OMG, so dirty: Republican Portraits !!


has posted some of artist Konstantin Kakanias’ rather lascivious portraits of Mrs. Palin and the McCains. Apparently Sarah likes getting hit from behind. Maybe she is more like us than we thought…
See the uncensored version after the jump.


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6 Comments on "OMG, so dirty: Republican Portraits"

  1. She obviously seems to like anal.

  2. That is just sick. How about doing one porn comic with Obama as the main star?

  3. Someone needs to erase this bitch.

  4. whos the guy in the picture though?

  5. I never asked to see Sarah Palin and I most definitely did not ask to see her cooter. How about she goes back to Alaska, where she belongs… and they secede from the US like her unpatriotic self wanted to

  6. WTF?
    That’s just pathetic

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