!! OMG, so much better: Deval Patrick !!

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick marched in the Boston Gay Pride parade over the weekend with his wife and recently-out lesbian daughter. While some people are saying it’s “yesterday’s news,” I might remind them that former Governor Mitt Romney would not be caught dead anywhere near a gay person, let alone a bunch of them in the middle of the street.
And what about another prominent politician with a lesbian daughter? I don’t think I’ve seen Dick Cheney at a Pride parade, but then again, I haven’t seen daughter Mary at one either.
Kudos to the Patricks’ for their very public support of the homosexual agenda! (via Rod 2.0)

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3 Comments on "OMG, so much better: Deval Patrick"

  1. Well – another fact is that Mitt actively worked to find a way to overturn the court’s gay marriage ruling. He was allegedly pro-gay rights years ago. Until he realized he couldn’t support the gays and still be a conservative tool. Deval may not have lived up to his promise yet since he was elected, but his support of gay rights is unmatched.

  2. As a Bostonian, i just want to say the Deval is AWESOME and I saw him at the parade, and it was quite touching. And George? Please don’t defend Mitt Romney. He wouldn’t do the same for you. Just sayin’.

  3. George Douglas | June 18, 2008 at 8:33 pm | Reply

    Now, I’m the LAST person to defend Mitt Romney (who I really can’t stand), but it’s not accurate to say he wouldn’t be next to a gay person. His first Secretary of Transportation was openly gay, and his Welfare Commissioner, also openly gay and elevated to that position while out, even got married here when it became legal, and suffered no ill effect as a result. In fact, that guy was sacked by Deval Patrick. Having said that, all that happened before Mitt started running for Prez, and we know the rest of that story, and what a hypocrite that makes the Mittster, but those are facts worth noting, nonetheless.

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