!! OMG, so real: Jessica Simpson !!

In the video for her new single “I Belong to Me,” which premiered today on MTV, Jessica Simpson shows us “angry.” I imagine we will see other emotions in the videos to come for her new album “A Public Affair.” Let’s just hope she keeps making such funny faces.
Of course I hardly need to say this, but the song is utter crap. Watch the video after the jump.

(via Popbytes)

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1 Comment on "OMG, so real: Jessica Simpson"

  1. wow.
    she is mad.
    and i am scared.
    now, we must ask ourselves..
    why is jessica mad and what can we do as a nation to calm her down. maybe she should drop her bible thumping, titty promoting father and so some sister lesbo sex flick
    just a thought

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