!! OMG, so timid: Pale’s ‘Fearing Faces’ !!

Duos are so eighties: The Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics, Wham!, Erasure, Soft Cell ?!
London duo Pale are finally showing us face in their Charlie & Joe-directed video for “Fearing Faces”.
The video channels all the best eighties visual references:
bleach-blonde hair,
tiny hoop earrings ,
synthesizer companion,
holding the microphone chord out-of-the-way ever-so-slightly behind the body,
large-coated profile silhouettes and
strange zooming angled camera techniques…all so terribly eighties of course.
Do you know what’s not very eighties, the b-side I just wrote and mailed to them called “Fearing Feces” all about my most embarrassing scatting incidents, that’s so very NOW !
[via hunger]

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