!! OMG, sorry to say: Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend caught kissing another man !!

We can’t possibly assume to know the more intimate details of Anderson Cooper’s relationship with long-term boyfriend Ben Maisani, but it appears Maisani for one is comfortable with kissing men who aren’t his famous anchor boyfriend. The gay bar owner — who lives with Coopty in a converted fire house — was spotted kissing an unidentified curly haired man in a park over the weekend. If you’re gonna cheat, at least do it someplace people aren’t whipping out their cameraphones to Instagram trees and babies — or, clearly, you’ll be caught.
(via Daily Mail)

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5 Comments on "OMG, sorry to say: Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend caught kissing another man"

  1. Actually, the right wing Daily Mail sent an undercover camera man to stalk them and got the shot with a long-range lens. It was wrong of you to suggest that someone casually snapped it with a phone. Publishing the story and linking to the very anti-gay Daily Mail only makes things worse for gay people. Feel better now for dishing the dirt?

  2. prick.

  3. oh my nerves! that gold diggin hussy is cheating on her husband who is probably away in the fray of the Southampton social swim. At least the number is hot and Ben is known to like hot tops esp.to those he likes to show the art collection of eastern bloc on a private tour.

  4. I dont think we should assume they have a monogamous relationship. Maybe they have an open relationship?

  5. Probably in an open relationship since cooper is often away on assignment… not uncommon in the gay community at all

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