!! OMG, stone-throwing chimp: Are Primates Revolting? !!

First TRAVIS, now this? Santino, a 31-year-old chimpanzee at a zoo in Sweden was not only throwing stones at spectators in the zoo, but he had been planning his attacks while the zoo was closed at night:

Santino would get agitated when the first groups of visitors arrived at his enclosure in the morning, and would start hurling stones at the spectators. When the zookeepers investigated, they found that, while the zoo was closed, Santino had been busy making piles of ammunition, and returned to them to resupply…A survey of the enclosure showed that Santino made piles of ammunition only on the quarter of the island’s shore that faced the visiting crowds.

The zoo’s answer to the problem? After raising fences and hiding stones they finally castrated Santino.
Read more at THE GUARDIAN.

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3 Comments on "OMG, stone-throwing chimp: Are Primates Revolting?"

  1. Harsh….

  2. Castration is never the answer!

  3. No paparazzi. I said NO PAPARAZZI!! Poor Santino … lost his berries ’cause of it …

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