!! OMG, style-eye for the FBI: investigations into Mulder and Scully’s style-choices !!

Earlier this year we took an in-depth look at Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s wardrobe MALFRUMPTIONS, and now some clever little style-librarian has deconstructed the 9-seasonal wardrobe of X-Files’ anti-fashion agents Mulder and Scully.
I often pray to the alien gods for an unreleased X-Files episode where Scully gets snarled by a multi-limbed swamp-creature who would wrap it’s suckered tentacles around her waist to pull her into the murky depths, thus cinching in her overcoated waistline momentarily so that we get to see Dana in a sort of April O’Neil eager ginger go-with-the-flow get-up, but alas, she was always looking like she shopped in beige&brown town discount outfitters, her image only saved by her fiery long-bob.
I Want To Believe that Mulder’s clothing choices bettered those of his conspiracy nerd friends The Lone Gunmen with their heavy leather trenches and dweeby cartoon tshirts, yet the only time his wardrobe got my attention was his red Speedo scene which made me want to alien-invade his ass in search of THE TRUTH.
Head over to Dazed where you can read all the truth about Calvin Kleining streamlining, Mulder’s color [and apparent style-] blindness, and Dana’s second season maternity-hiding frump-enhancing fashion-backwards choices.
Somebody call the Fashion Bureau of Investigations [the highest, most secretive rank of the Fashion Police] to discover where all the wardrobe budget went !

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2 Comments on "OMG, style-eye for the FBI: investigations into Mulder and Scully’s style-choices"

  1. Duncan Alexander | August 15, 2013 at 9:06 pm | Reply

    I am completely embarrassed to call my self an X-Files fan [it’s my most favorite show] and spell Mulder wrong 3 times out of 4…I think it’s because I had that photo of Mulder in his Speedos open in a separate window…thanks for the correction John…the true spelling is out there.

  2. It’s Mulder.

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