!! OMG, tell them when he molestered yeh: Trial Gone Bad !!

I don’t mean to belittle someone who has been abused…and I truly hope she was vindicated if the allegations are true…but damn this video is funny. There are just too many good quotes. Molestered? Caressed his penis? My name is Brenda? GOLD! Those aren’t friendly slaps, either…
Thanks to David for the tip.

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15 Comments on "OMG, tell them when he molestered yeh: Trial Gone Bad"

  1. Tom. I wish I had your power… To see ass where there is none. lol. And yes, I did see it the first time, but didn’t think there was any reason for commenting on it, since in fact, he dosn’t moon…

  2. How has nobody seen this?!
    If you watch at :37, there’s a guy over that woman’s left shoulder who moons the camera.
    Even more white-trash amazingness.

  3. girl. them ain’t rednecks. them’s conasses!

  4. Ah…our Louisiana belles. Nothing like them.

  5. Wow. You didn’t tell me there would be a bitch fight! that was an extra surprise!
    Nice to see that some people in other parts of the country still “live in their high school yearbook photo.” Look at that hair and big glasses. LOL

  6. Woah…Boss Fight!

  7. Yes, I’m from “there” too. At least according to title of the video. I couldn’t help but submit it to omgblog! He smokin in his mouth!

  8. Crystal and Alexis ain’t got nuthin on these ladies. Damnnnnnnnn.

  9. law enforcement there is pathetic…what did the police think was gonna happen in a situation like this…everyone gonna go out for tea??

  10. OMG – that took place in the very small town in Louisiana that I am from. I can’t tell you how shocked I was to see that posted!!! I don’t know them personally but my mom knows all of them. TOO FUNNY!

  11. Gotta love stupid trash people. Although they clearly should not be allowed to just mix with the general public whenever they feel like it… lmao

  12. Jerry! Jerry!

  13. That is one of my favorite videos of all time.
    It makes me want to get
    My fav….”he pulled out his penis and made me rub it…..twice….in one night….
    I say…..get me to that penis.
    These are the sort of people who voted for Mike Huckabee. In fact they may be the Huckabee family.

  14. God, gotta love ’em Rednecks!

  15. Yeah, I had heard Sordid Lives was taping a second season.

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