!! OMG, the coolest video…ever: ‘Move’ !!

Ugh, some people are just SO FRIGGIN CREATIVE it makes me die a little inside. Like these three guys who spent 44 days taking 18 flights to 11 countries to traverse 38 thousand miles all to make three short films. This one’s called Move, and the others are Learn and Eat. I, for one, will not move or eat again until I learn to be this cool. Ugh.

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5 Comments on "OMG, the coolest video…ever: ‘Move’"

  1. Maybe it is photoshop,is anyone think about that.

  2. It’s a VERY common mistake to think that you need to be rich or privileged to travel. I myself have stepped on all 7 continents and been to 48 countries, I am not by any means rich, just very travel savvy, and willing to fly coach and stay in hostels. All you have to do is check out flight deals, and research where your money will go the farthest, have a sense of adventure and a willingness to LIVE. Oh yeah and that guy is very cute.

  3. i agree with kyle. this guy is hot.
    seriously though, if your parents were rich wouldn’t you do the same thing given the chance? i would.

  4. Can we all just talk about how CUTE the guy in this video is??

  5. Gee, I wish I was privileged with Mommy and Daddy’s money and didn’t have to work so I could travel around the globe with no responsibilities

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